Honor Roll of Pro Bono Attorney Volunteers

Each year many attorneys volunteer numerous hours to represent clients who do not have the resources to hire a private attorney. The attorneys volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that Westmoreland County residents have access to the legal and justice system.

The Pro Bono Program extends thanks to all the attorneys who volunteered their time from January to March 2011.

  • Steven Allias
  • James Antoniono
  • Mary Baloh
  • Alan Berk
  • Michael Bogush
  • Richard Bruni
  • John Bumbaugh
  • George Butler
  • Brian Cavanaugh
  • David Colecchia
  • Debra Cribbs
  • Meagan Bilik DeFazio
  • David DeRose
  • Amanda Faher
  • Charles Fox, IV
  • Timothy Geary
  • Dennis Gounley
  • James Horchak
  • Christopher Huffman
  • Larry Kerr
  • Maureen Kroll
  • James Lederach
  • Irene Lubin
  • Shirley Makuta
  • William McCabe
  • Paul Miller, Jr.
  • David Millstein
  • Debra Nicholson
  • Keith Nicola
  • Joyce Novotny-Prettiman
  • Dennis Persin
  • Justin Schantz
  • Mark Sorice
  • Michael Stewart
  • Ronald Zera

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