Notice on civil/orphans' court motions

President Judge McCormick, Jr. will not be hearing civil and orphans’ court motions on September 5, 12, and 19, 2014.

Judge Anthony Marsili will hear motions scheduled on September 12, 2014, only, for President Judge McCormick, Jr.

Counsel should make arrangements to present motions on a prior or subsequent Friday.

Updated guide issued for child dependency matters

From the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is issuing an updated resource used by judges and others to help strengthen families and protect children.

The Pennsylvania Dependency Benchbook first distributed in 2010 guides family court judges, hearing masters, attorneys and child welfare professionals through the maze of legal issues and needs of abused and neglected children.

“New and experienced judges across the Commonwealth have embraced the benchbook as a valuable resource, as have lawyers in their court rooms,” said Supreme Court Justice Max Baer, a former administrative judge of family court in Allegheny County. “Unlike other treatises on child welfare which once completed are rarely updated, the Pennsylvania Dependency Benchbook is a living document.”

New judicial assignments and courtrooms announced




Bilik-DeFazio, Meagan


Fax 724-850-6134

Bononi, Michele G.


Fax 724-830-3090

Driscoll, John J.
(Senior Judge)


Fax 724-830-3930

Feliciani, Chris A.


Fax 724-830-3084

Hathaway, Rita D.


Fax 724-853-2206

Marsili, Anthony


Fax 724-830-3681

McCormick, Jr., Richard E.
President Judge


Fax 724-853-4650

Pezze, Debra A.


Fax 724-830-3194

Regoli, David A.


Fax 724-850-3975

Scherer, Christian F.


Fax 724-830-3819

Smail, Jr., Harry F.


Fax 724-853-2208

Annual Attorney Registration Soon Ending

From the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
When the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania began 42 years ago, just more than 13,000 attorneys served our Commonwealth. Currently, there are 64,964 active and 10,665 inactive attorneys, and each spring they are required to participate in Attorney Registration. To help keep all attorneys up to date on Attorney Registration deadlines, ongoing rule changes and obligations, the Disciplinary Board provides the following resources:

  • Registration Reminder: With a July 1 deadline to avoid fees, the Disciplinary Board encourages all attorneys to complete their registration online at Any attorney who fails to complete registration by July 31 will be automatically assessed a $150.00 non-waivable late payment penalty. A second non-waivable late payment penalty of $150.00 shall be automatically added to the delinquent account of any attorney who fails to complete registration by August 31. More details can be found at
  • Online Registration Tutorial: This year, the Disciplinary Board also created a video tutorial to help with the online registration process. Watch it online here.
  • Monthly Attorney E-Newsletter: Every month, the Disciplinary Board issues an electronic newsletter, which highlights rule changes, Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders, and cases to watch – all with a little wit.
  • Follow the Disciplinary Board on Twitter: If you prefer your news on the go and in bite-sized servings, the Disciplinary Board also offers updates via Twitter at @DBoardPa.

For additional details and FAQs, visit

Pa Bar Opposes Legislation to Reduce Number of Supreme Court Justices and Superior Court Judges

From the Pennsylvania Bar Association

Members Urged to Oppose Legislation Reducing Number of Judges on State Appellate Courts

The PBA Board of Governors voted unanimously on June 11 in favor of the Judicial Administration Committee's resolution opposing Senate Bill 324, as amended to reduce the number of Supreme Court justices by two and the number of Superior Court judges by four. "We oppose this legislation because the proposed reductions to the courts would distress the current system, delay rulings and adversely impact access to justice for all Pennsylvanians as well as cause inefficiencies in the administration of the commonwealth's entire judicial system," said PBA President Francis X. O'Connor. The legislation is moving quickly. PBA members are urged to contact their state senators and ask them to oppose SB 324. Read the approved resolution.

State courts caution against email hoax

Latest email scam circulating throughout nation surfaces in York County

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania judiciary is warning the public about a computer virus that is being delivered via email, falsely claiming to be about a court case. Court officials in York County reported that a resident received the email yesterday, and the same scam surfaced in Washington County earlier this year.

Officials at the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts say the email references an upcoming court case; however, the email is a scam.  Opening any attachment or clicking on any link in the message may trigger a malicious program designed to infect the recipient’s computer.

The email is not from the courts nor is it about a court case. Pennsylvania courts do not send court orders via email.

Notice on Civil/Orphans' Court motions

Judge Feliciani will not be hearing civil or orphans’ court motions on the following Fridays: June 13, June 20, June 27, and July 4, 2014.

Counsel should make arrangements to present motions on prior or subsequent Fridays.

Notice from the Court Administrator


In the May 9, 2014, issue of the Westmoreland Law Journal, the Court Administrator has published a list of 454 civil cases that will be terminated without further notice because the matters have been inactive for over two (2) years.  Please read the Notice (on page 14) and review this list in order to be sure that no action is required by you in these cases.   

Bar Association Announces New Partnership for Online Legal Research

Beginning August 1, 2014, the Pennsylvania Bar Association will join with 24 other bar associations across the country when it moves to a new online legal research service for members. Casemaker®, a national leader in legal research, will replace the current InCite® program and will offer a more comprehensive library and search enhancements.

Casemaker will be free to all members and will include a full suite of premium services. Members will have access to Casemaker's broad and comprehensive libraries, which cover all 50 states and federal-level materials, as well as these premium services:

  • CaseCheck+ - A negative citator system that lets you know instantly if the case you're reading is still good law.

Notice from the Court Administrator

Judge Bilik-DeFazio will schedule contested motions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:45 a.m., in Courtroom No. 10, Fourth Floor Annex. Motions must be scheduled 4 days in advance with proper notice to all parties. A courtesy copy of the motion/petition can be dropped off or faxed (724-850-6134) to the Judge’s chambers.

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