Notice on Civil/Orphans' Court motions

Judge Feliciani will not be hearing civil or orphans’ court motions on the following Fridays: June 13, June 20, June 27, and July 4, 2014.

Counsel should make arrangements to present motions on prior or subsequent Fridays.

Notice from the Court Administrator


In the May 9, 2014, issue of the Westmoreland Law Journal, the Court Administrator has published a list of 454 civil cases that will be terminated without further notice because the matters have been inactive for over two (2) years.  Please read the Notice (on page 14) and review this list in order to be sure that no action is required by you in these cases.   

Bar Association Announces New Partnership for Online Legal Research

Beginning August 1, 2014, the Pennsylvania Bar Association will join with 24 other bar associations across the country when it moves to a new online legal research service for members. Casemaker®, a national leader in legal research, will replace the current InCite® program and will offer a more comprehensive library and search enhancements.

Casemaker will be free to all members and will include a full suite of premium services. Members will have access to Casemaker's broad and comprehensive libraries, which cover all 50 states and federal-level materials, as well as these premium services:

  • CaseCheck+ - A negative citator system that lets you know instantly if the case you're reading is still good law.

Notice from the Court Administrator

Judge Bilik-DeFazio will schedule contested motions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:45 a.m., in Courtroom No. 10, Fourth Floor Annex. Motions must be scheduled 4 days in advance with proper notice to all parties. A courtesy copy of the motion/petition can be dropped off or faxed (724-850-6134) to the Judge’s chambers.

Notice on Civil/Orphans' Court motions

Judge Marsili will not be hearing civil or orphans’ court motions on Friday, May 9, 2014. Counsel should make arrangements to present motions on a prior or subsequent Friday.

Reminder for all custody actions


Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board Announces Increases in Ethics Requirement and Distance Learning Options

From the PA Continuing Legal Education Board

— The Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board has announced changes in rules and regulations that will permit more credits to be earned via distance learning, and will increase the annual ethics requirement.

By Supreme Court order, Pa.R.C.L.E. Rule 108 (e) has been changed to increase the amount of credits lawyers may earn via alternate delivery methods from four (4) to six (6) credits annually.  The board also adopted a regulation change to increase the ethics component of the annual CLE requirement from one (1) to two (2) credit hours.  The total number of CLE credits required annually will remain 12 hours.

Civil Trial Lists on the Web coming soon

Civil Trial Lists on the Web coming soon

Starting with the January, 2014 Civil Trial List, the Court Administrator's office will be posting the trial list on the Court's Civil web page and will start posting the Arbitration List in March, 2014.

The Civil Trial List and the Arbitration List will be posted on the Court's Web Page and mailed to all interested parties. The Civil Trial List will be updated once (one week prior to the trial term), indicating the cases that are currently active on the list. The Arbitration List will be not updated after initial posting.

The Court will evaluate the response from the attorneys during this temporary "trial period" with the expectation of adopting a local rule eliminating the mailing of paper lists.

Subscribe to Court News to get an alert when the current Civil and Arbitration lists are released. Court News also contains news items regarding changes in court forms, procedures, and practices.

Notice on Civil/Orphans' Court Motions

President Judge Caruso and Judge Marsili will not be hearing civil or orphans’ court motions on Friday, December 27, 2013.

Counsel should make arrangements to present motions on prior or subsequent Fridays.

Join a PBA Listserv

PBA ListservDid you know the Pennsylvania Bar Association maintains a number of listservs for its committee and section members?

What is a listserv, you ask?

It is an Internet-based discussion group of individual subscribers who communicate via e-mail. When you e-mail a question or comment to the listserv, you end up reaching the inbox of everyone who subscribes to the listserv without having to know or use each individual's e-mail address. It's an efficient, convenient way of reaching out to colleagues across the state to stay on top of hot topics in the areas of law that concern you.

For a complete list of what listservs are maintained by the PBA, click here. Not all PBA committees and sections have listservs; you must be a member of the PBA committee or section to join that committee or section listserv.

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