Subscribe to the Westmoreland Law Journal—the only authorized legal periodical in Westmoreland County, Pa.

Subscribe to the Westmoreland Law JournalAs a service to the profession, the court, and the public, the Westmoreland Bar Association publishes the Westmoreland Law Journal, the only authorized legal periodical in Westmoreland County. For over 95 years, legal advertisements, estate notices, court opinions and other important notices have been published in the journal for the benefit of our subscribers.

The Westmoreland Law Journal is published every Friday; a yearly subscription is $52 and can be received either in the mail, or as a PDF file in your e-mail. Click here for more information, or to begin your subscription, contact Managing Editor Susan Zellner at 724-834-7260.

Legal notices for Pennsylvania are now in one centralized location

Now there is one centralized location for you to find legal notices from throughout the commonwealth. Discover how easy it is to locate current legal notice information for Pennsylvania counties, including our own.


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