Westmoreland Bar Foundation Mock Trial Program

“When I consider my high school experience, my time in the Mock Trial program stands out as the one activity that affected me the most," explains Danielle, the 2007 mock trial participant and scholarship winner. “It has given me confidence, public speaking skills, knowledge of the law, respect for the legal system, and a direction for my future.”

The Westmoreland County mock trial program is run through the Westmoreland Bar Foundation during the month of February. The competition is a contest comprised of area high school teams who compete in simulated legal trials. Students try a pretend civil case, with a pretend defendant, pretend witnesses and pretend attorneys but in real courtrooms. All teams rotate between the defense and the prosecution and the winning team moves on to regionals and, if successful, state and national competition. High School participants put in countless hours learning about courtroom procedures and rules of the competition under the guidance of a volunteer attorney coach and teacher coach. 

Local high schools who have participated in the county-wide competition include:

  • Belle Vernon Area High School
  • Derry Area High School
  • Franklin Regional Senior High School
  • Greensburg Central Catholic High School
  • Greensburg Salem High School
  • Hempfield Area High School
  • Kiski Area School District
  • Mt. Pleasant Area High School
  • Penn-Trafford High School
  • Southmoreland High School
  • Valley High School

Additional participants’ comments:
“The mock trial program is one factor that has not only influenced my choice to study law, but my whole approach to life. It has improved my speaking, critical thinking and researching skills and has cemented my desire to excel as an attorney,” explains Tim, the 2000 Hankey Scholarship Award winner.
“I take with me an added confidence and a working knowledge of the legal system. No other avenue in high school would have given me similar benefits. I found myself with a competitive edge I never thought I had.” Brianna, 2001 mock trial participant.

Region 3 (Southwest), District 1 (Indiana, Somerset, Westmoreland) Mock Trial Champions

2016 Penn-Trafford
2015 Franklin Regional 
2014 Franklin Regional 
2013 Greensburg Salem 
2012 Greensburg Salem 
2011 Franklin Regional 
2010 Greensburg Salem 
2009 Greensburg Salem 
2008 Greensburg Salem 
2007 Greensburg Salem 
2006 Greensburg Salem 
2005 Greensburg Salem 
2004 Greensburg Salem 
2003 Greensburg Salem 
2002 Greensburg Salem
2001 Greensburg Salem
2000 Greensburg Salem
1999 Greensburg Salem
1998 Valley High
1997 Kiski Area
1996 Kiski Area
1995 Kiski Area
1994 Kiski Area
1993 Kiski Area
1992 Kiski Area
1991 Kiski Area
1990 Kiski Area
1989 Kiski Area
1988 Greensburg Salem


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