Pittsburgh Municipal Court On-Line Postponement Project

WBA BlogFrom Paul Kuntz, Court Administrator

The Allegheny Court Administrator's Office asked me to pass on information to members of the Westmoreland Bar who practice criminal law in the City of Pittsburgh regarding their new on-line postponement system.  The Announcement [below] provides a link and explains the program.  The Manual can also be accessed from the link provided in the announcement.

The Pittsburgh Municipal Court (PMC), started an on-line postponement project that enables defense attorneys to register themselves as representing defendants at preliminary hearings in PMC (all court cases occurring within the City limits filed by law enforcement officers and all Act 33's and homicide cases arising within Allegheny County). If defense counsel wishes to postpone the preliminary hearing, they can request the postponement on-line and the Commonwealth will have the opportunity to object or consent and similarly, if the Commonwealth chooses to postpone, registered defense counsel can object or consent on-line. Defense counsel will, in either event, receive an e-mail notification from PMC as to whether the postponement was denied or if granted, the date of the new preliminary hearing.

The PMC postponement application, together with the attached manual resides at http://www.alleghenycourts.us/pmc/signin.asp

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