Bar Association Announces New Partnership for Online Legal Research

Beginning August 1, 2014, the Pennsylvania Bar Association will join with 24 other bar associations across the country when it moves to a new online legal research service for members. Casemaker®, a national leader in legal research, will replace the current InCite® program and will offer a more comprehensive library and search enhancements.

Casemaker will be free to all members and will include a full suite of premium services. Members will have access to Casemaker's broad and comprehensive libraries, which cover all 50 states and federal-level materials, as well as these premium services:

  • CaseCheck+ - A negative citator system that lets you know instantly if the case you're reading is still good law.
  • CasemakerDigest – Within 12-24 hours of publication, members can receive daily summaries of the latest state and federal appellate decisions classified by practice area.
  • CiteCheck – Upload a brief and within minutes Casemaker will provide up-to-the-minute information on each case cited in the brief.
  • "A team of PBA members assisted us with a review of Casemaker and rated it highly for its comprehensive libraries and easy-to-use suite of research tools," said Forest N. Myers, PBA president. Myers said additional information about Casemaker will be emailed directly to current users of InCite and will be posted on the PBA website in the coming weeks so that members will be prepared to use the Casemaker system.

    Watch for more information on Casemaker over the next few months as the PBA migrates to this new, enhanced member benefit.

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