Annual Attorney Registration Soon Ending

From the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
When the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania began 42 years ago, just more than 13,000 attorneys served our Commonwealth. Currently, there are 64,964 active and 10,665 inactive attorneys, and each spring they are required to participate in Attorney Registration. To help keep all attorneys up to date on Attorney Registration deadlines, ongoing rule changes and obligations, the Disciplinary Board provides the following resources:

  • Registration Reminder: With a July 1 deadline to avoid fees, the Disciplinary Board encourages all attorneys to complete their registration online at Any attorney who fails to complete registration by July 31 will be automatically assessed a $150.00 non-waivable late payment penalty. A second non-waivable late payment penalty of $150.00 shall be automatically added to the delinquent account of any attorney who fails to complete registration by August 31. More details can be found at
  • Online Registration Tutorial: This year, the Disciplinary Board also created a video tutorial to help with the online registration process. Watch it online here.
  • Monthly Attorney E-Newsletter: Every month, the Disciplinary Board issues an electronic newsletter, which highlights rule changes, Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders, and cases to watch – all with a little wit.
  • Follow the Disciplinary Board on Twitter: If you prefer your news on the go and in bite-sized servings, the Disciplinary Board also offers updates via Twitter at @DBoardPa.

For additional details and FAQs, visit


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