New Orphans' Court Form

The Westmoreland County Estates–Decree of Distribution has been revised. The new Decree can be found on the Register of Wills' Website.

Supreme Court encourages people to apply for appointments to advisory panels

HARRISBURG — As part of its desire for wider participation in the groups which provide it advice and recommendations, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is undertaking a new initiative making it easier for people to express interest in being appointed to court advisory panels.
“Justice David N. Wecht has led the present initiative with the intention of broadening participation in the Supreme Court’s board and committee structure,” said Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor.  “He will also be supervising the implementation, with the support of the full court.”
Legal training, experience and expertise are necessary for many assignments, but there are appointments for nonattorneys as well.

Legal notices for Pennsylvania counties online

Pennsylvania Legal Ads Online Legal notices for Pennsylvania are now in one centralized location

Now there is one centralized location for you to find legal notices from throughout the commonwealth. Click here to see how easy it is to locate current legal notice information for other counties, including our own.

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