Westmoreland Bar Association issues results from judicial candidates survey

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Press Release
April 30, 2015 - For immediate release

On May 19, 2015, Westmoreland County voters will nominate three Republican and three Democratic candidates for open judicial seats on the Court of Common Pleas. 

Nine candidates will vie for the judicial race nominations including: Thomas B. Anderson, Hope A. Aston, Christopher W. Huffman, Timothy A. Krieger, Scott O. Mears, Jr., David A. Regoli, James P. Silvis, Harry F. Smail, Jr. and Leslie J. Uncapher Zellers.

The Westmoreland Bar Association's intention is to educate the voting public about the judicial election and the qualifications of the candidates. Attorneys who practice in the Westmoreland Court system are in a unique position to assess the professional qualities that are necessary for good judges. For that reason, the WBA polled its members about the overall qualifications of the Westmoreland County judicial candidates.

Participating members of the Westmoreland Bar Association responded to a survey of judicial candidates. The survey asked the local attorneys to rate each candidate as: Highly Recommended, Recommended, Not Recommended or Not Familiar With Candidate. The Certified Public Accounting firm of Delisi, Keenan & Associates, P.C. tabulated the results and reported the following:

  Highly Recommended Recommended Not Recommended Not Familiar
Thomas B. Anderson   3.0%  1.7%  10.7%  84.6%
Hope A. Aston  15.0%  30.0%  20.2%  34.8%
Christopher W. Huffman  16.8%  32.3%  12.1%  38.8%
Timothy A. Krieger  7.0%  17.9%  36.7%  38.4%
Scott O. Mears, Jr.  53.9%  31.5%  4.7%  9.9%
David A. Regoli  66.1%  24.0%  3.9%  6.0%
James P. Silvis  35.1%  40.7%  8.7%  15.5%
Harry F. Smail, Jr.  14.2%  28.3%  52.4%  5.1%
Leslie J. Uncapher Zellers  6.1%  34.6%  19.0%  40.3%

2015 Survey Results
The Court of Common Pleas is the general trial court of Westmoreland County. Major civil and criminal cases are heard in this court, along with appeals from the minor courts (such as appeals from District Judges or Magistrates), appeals not exclusively assigned to another court and matters involving children and families. 

For more information contact Diane Krivoniak, Executive Director, Westmoreland Bar Association, 129 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601, (724) 834-6730.

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