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Retention of Paper and Electronic Court Records to be Consistent Under New Guidelines

HARRISBURG—The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania is taking steps to ensure that the retention of electronic magisterial district court case records be consistent with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Record Retention and Disposition Schedule with Guidelines, beginning April 1. The Supreme Court’s schedule standardized the retention of official court records and generally requires:

  • summary case records be retained for three years after final disposition or final payment of all court assessments;
  • criminal case records be retained for seven years after final disposition or after the date they were held or waived for Common Pleas court;
  • civil and landlord tenant case records be retained for seven years after entry of satisfaction of judgment; final disposition, or if appealed, seven years from the result of the appeal;
  • miscellaneous case records be retained three years after the case was filed in the magisterial district court.

For example, magisterial district court records concerning a conviction for a minor traffic offense will no longer be available in paper or electronic record form three years following final payment of all court assessments.

Bar Members Endorse Retention of Judge Pezze and Judge McCormick, Jr.

checkmarkBar Members Endorse Retention of Judge Pezze and Judge McCormick, Jr.

On Tuesday, November 8, the voters of Westmoreland County will vote on the question of whether Common Pleas Court Judges Debra A. Pezze and Richard E. McCormick, Jr., should be retained for additional ten-year terms.

The Westmoreland Bar Association recently conducted a poll of its participating members to determine how the lawyers, who practice before these judges, answer the question of whether these two judges should be retained. Individual members were asked to vote either “in favor of” or “in opposition to” retention.

The results show that Westmoreland Bar Association attorneys overwhelmingly support both Judge Pezze and Judge McCormick, Jr., with a substantial majority “in favor of” retention in the November election. WBA President Mike Stewart announced the results as follows:

• Judge McCormick, Jr. – 93%
• Judge Pezze – 96%.

“Member polls regarding the retention of local judges are an important part of our mission of community service and
education,” said Attorney Stewart. “Our goal in publicizing these results is to help voters be better informed when retaining judges.”

By law, an incumbent judge can seek a new term in office on a yes-no retention basis in the general election. The election is non-partisan and non-political. 

For additional information on the retention process, contact the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

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