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The Westmoreland Bar Association is among the oldest, continuous professional organizations of lawyers in Pennsylvania. This voluntary association is comprised of approximately 500 attorneys who practice law primarily in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to continue a long-standing tradition of fostering excellence in professional service by our members to their clients and to the general community while engendering respect, civility and camaraderie among the members of the Bench and Bar.

2017-2018 Westmoreland Bar Association Board of Directors

President Timothy Andrews

Timothy C. Andrews, Esq.
Keystone Commons Building
35 W Pittsburgh St Ste310
Greensburg, PA 15601-2323
Fax 724.850.8414
E-mail Timothy C. Andrews

President-Elect James P. Silvis

James P. Silvis, Esq.
O'Connell & Silvis
131 W Pittsburgh St
Greensburg, PA 15601-2325
Fax 724.837.8114
E-mail James P. Silvis


Vice President John M. Ranker

Vice President
John M. Ranker, Esq.
John Ranker & Associates PC
140 S Main St Ste 301
Greensburg, PA 15601-3102
Fax 724.832.3806
E-mail John M. Ranker


 Director Joyce Novotny-Prettiman

Joyce Novotny-Prettiman, Esq.
QuatriniRafferty PC
550 E Pittsburgh St
Greensburg, PA 15601-2674
Fax 724.837.1348
E-mail Joyce Novotny-Prettiman


 Director Scott Avolio

Scott E. Avolio, Esq.
Avolio Law Group
117 N Main St
Greensburg, PA 15601-2403
724.834.1002, ext. 100
Fax 724.219.0818
E-mail Scott E. Avolio




L. Christian DeDiana, Esq.
Law Office of L. Christian DeDiana
533 Rugh St Ste 3
Greensburg, PA 15601-5615
Fax 724.838.8896
E-mail L. Christian DeDiana


Executive Director/Secretary
Diane Krivoniak
Westmoreland Bar Association
129 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601-2311
724.834.6730, ext. 112
Fax 724.834.6855
E-mail Diane Krivoniak

Assistant to the Executive Director
Jessica Turberville
Westmoreland Bar Association
129 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601-2311
724.834.6730, ext. 114
Fax 724.834.6855
E-mail Jessica Turberville

Administrative Assistant
Julia Moreman
Westmoreland Bar Association
129 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601-2311
724.834.6730, ext. 110
Fax 724.834.6855
E-mail Julia Moreman

Publications Specialist
Susan Zellner
Westmoreland Bar Association
129 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601-2311
Fax 724.834.6855
E-mail Susan Zellner

Past Presidents of the Westmoreland Bar Association

2016-2017 John M. Noble
2015-2016 Maria E. Soohey
2014-2015 Joseph W. Lazzaro
2013-2014 John K. Greiner
2012-2013 David S. DeRose
2011-2012 Michael J. Stewart
2010-2011 Donald J. Snyder, Jr.
2009-2010 James R. Antoniono
2008-2009 Barbara J. Christner
2007-2008 James E. Whelton, Jr.
2006-2007 Rebecca A. Brammell
2005-2006 James R. Silvis
2004-2005 Robert I. Johnston
2003-2004 Aaron M. Kress
2002-2003 Timothy J. Geary
2001-2002 John M. Campfield
2000-2001 Diane E. Murphy
1999-2000 Richard F. Flickinger
1998-1999 Daniel Joseph
1997-1998 Gary Falatovich
1996-1997 Marnie Abraham
1995-1996 Wesley T. Long
1994-1995 Denis P. Zuzik
1993-1994 Stuart J. Horner, Jr.
1992-1993 William J. McCabe
1991-1992 James E. Kelley, Jr.
1990-1991 Richard H. Galloway
1989-1990 Jack L. Bergstein
1988-1989 Vincent J. Quatrini, Jr.
1987-1988 Kenneth B. Burkley
1986-1987 H. Reginald Belden, Jr.
1985-1986 John M. O'Connell, Jr.
1984-1985 William F. Caruthers
1983-1984 Edgar T. Hammer, Jr.
1982-1983 Dante G. Bertani
1981-1982 Leslie J. Mlakar
1980-1981 Ned J. Nakles
1979-1980 Leonard A. Redlich
1978-1979 S. Wayne Whitehead
1977-1978 B. Earnest Long
1976-1977 Morrison F. Lewis, Jr.
1975-1976 Robert J. Milie
1974-1975 H. Nevin Wollam
1973-1974 Daniel Myshin
1972-1973 David W. Cook
1971-1972 Richard J. Flickinger
1970-1971 P. Louis DeRose
1969-1970 Edgar P. Herrington, Jr.
1968-1969 John M. Noel
1967-1968 Vincent E. Williams
1966-1967 Wayne R. Donahue
1965-1966 John K. Best
1964-1965 George W. Lamproplos
1963-1964 Oliver S. Shields
1962-1963 Maurice Claster
1961-1962 H. Reginald Belden
1960-1961 Louis Sensenich
1959-1960 Robert W. Smith
1958 Louis Claster
1957 Vincent R. Smith
1956 Harold A. Stewart
1955 Paul K. McCormick
1954 Marquis M. Smith
1953 John M. Horn
1952 Paul M. Robinson
1951 Fred B. Trescher
1950 William H. Kahanowitz
1949 Paul M. Robinson (May-Dec)
1949 Fred B. Trescher (Jan-Apr)
1948 Alex McConnell
1947 Albert S. Yoder
1946 Robert W. Smith
1945 James Gregg
1944 Benjamin H. Thompson
1943 Howard H. Whitehead
1941-1942 Rabe F. Marsh
1939-1940 R.E. Best
1938 H.E. Marker
1936-1937 H.H. Dinsmore
1934-1935 Charles C. Crowell
1932-1933 Sidney J. Potts
1930-1931 Curtis H. Gregg
1929 John E. Kunkle
1928 James Gregg (Interim President)
1927-1928 J.R. Smith
1925-1926 David A. Miller
1923-1924 James S. Beacom
1921-1922 Albert H. Bell
1919-1920 John N. Boucher
1917-1918 Jeffry W. Taylor
1915-1916 S.A. Kline
1913-1914 Paul H. Gaither
1911-1912 James S. Moorhead
1898-1910 The Hon. David S. Atkinson
1886-1897 The Hon. H.P. Laird

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