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What do I need to know about buying a house? What should I consider when planning my financial future? How can I avoid being a victim of identity theft?

Our lives are filled with consumer legal questions and the Pennsylvania Bar Association has answers to many of them. The PBA offers a popular series of pamphlets that explain – in layman’s terms – what legal issues we all need to consider during the major milestones, mishaps and challenges of life. Click here for a complete list.


Westmoreland Law Journal

State laws require the government and certain individuals to publish notices of some of their activities in local newspapers. These laws exist so that citizens are educated about governmental actions that could affect them. Through these notices, the public can find out about terminations of parental rights, mortgage foreclosures, sheriff's sales, delinquent tax sales, and more. Public notices keep these events from happening secretly and without notification. Further, a public notice published in the newspaper becomes a permanent record.

As a service to the profession, the court, and the public, the Westmoreland Bar Association publishes the Westmoreland Law Journal, the only authorized legal periodical in Westmoreland County. For over 90 years, legal advertisements, estate notices, court opinions and other important notices have been published in the journal for the benefit of our subscribers. Click here to read the previous week's public notices, or for more information.

credit rights imageKnow Your Credit Rights: Download a FREE brochure

If you have ever applied for a mortgage or a home equity loan, obtained a credit card or used a loan to purchase a car, then you are a credit consumer. As a credit consumer, you need to know your legal rights and obligations, especially in today’s uncertain economic times. Some credit consumers who can’t pay their bills grow desperate, run up mounds of debt and get caught in a downward spiral of credit problems. Don’t let this happen to you! Know your credit rights! Click here to download a FREE brochure.

truth about living trusts imageThe Truth About Living Trusts: Download a FREE brochure

Trusts have existed for hundreds of years. A trust is created by a transfer where the interest in property is split between the legal title and the beneficial estate. A consultation with an attorney is strongly advised before going to the expense and burden of a Living Trust. To learn more about whether a Living Trust is right for you, click here to download a FREE brochure. To consult an attorney about a Living Trust, call the Westmoreland Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service at 724-834-8490, or obtain a referral online at

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