Westmoreland County Rules of Court

Westmoreland County Rules of Court are available as a PDF file for viewing on your computer.

Read/download the PDF file of the Westmoreland County Rules of Court.

The PDF file was updated August 3, 2015.

The latest rule changes which have not been incorporated into the PDF file above are marked with NEW! below. To read the text of the rule changes, click on the corresponding "Date of Order."


Date of Order Rule Changes
23 September, 2015  NEW!
WJ103 Official Publisher of Local Rules
17 September, 2015  NEW!
WO407(b)(1) Small Estates
17 August, 2015  NEW!
WC114 Orders and Court Notices; Filing; Service; and Docket Entries
12 August, 2015  NEW!
W212.1 Certificate of Readiness for Trial, and the corresponding Certificate of Readiness for Trial Form
6 May, 2015  
WC717 Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction Fund
18 September, 2014  
W1301 Cases for Submission to Arbitration
W1303 Hearing
W1312 Award
18 September, 2014  
W212.1(a) Certificate of Readiness
18 September, 2014   W212.3(c) Pre-Trial Conference
22 May, 2014 
WJ6000.1 Court Appointed Counsel
28 April, 2014 
WO407(a)(1) Small Estates
31 January, 2014 
W1915.3-5 Participation in Proceedings by Incarcerated Party
W1915.4 CHILD Program
27 August, 2013 
WO301(b) Voluntary Relinquishment to Agency
WO302(b) Voluntary Relinquishment to Adult Intending to Adopt Child
WO303(a) Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
WO304 Notice; Method and Time
23 August, 2013 
W1915.4 CHILD Program
27 March, 2013
W1915.3 Commencement of Action, Complaint, Order
W1915.4 CHILD Program
W1915.4-3 Custody Conciliation Conference
W1915.4-4 Voluntary Mediation
W1915.8 Physical and Mental Examination of Persons
W1915.10 Request for Custody Pretrial Conference. Pretrial Conference. Decision.
W1915.13 Special Relief
W1915.15 Form of Complaint. Caption. Order. Petition to Modify A Partial Custody or Visitation Order.
W1915.17 Judicial Custody (Pretrial) Conference
5 March, 2013
WC529 Modification of Bail Order Prior to Trial
18 September, 2012
WJ110 Oaths and Acknowlegments (Note: This order rescinds the order dated 23 August, 2012, for the same rule.)
10 February, 2012
W1915.19 Relocation
24 August, 2011
W1272 Appeals of Proceedings Under the Eminent Domain Code
18 August, 2010 WJ510 Public Access of Official Case Records in the Magisterial District Courts
25 May, 2010 W1960 Voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution. Summary Divorce Master (Note: This order rescinds the order dated 5 May, 2010, for the same rule.)
22 April, 2010 W205.2(b) Cover Sheet (Note: This order supersedes the order dated 20 April, 2010, for the same rule.)
21 April, 2010 WJUV1167 Filings and Service of Court Orders and Notices
10 November, 2009 W1915.4-3(a) Custody Conciliation Conference
W1915.15 Form of Complaint. Caption. Order. Petition to Modify a Partial Custody or Visitation Order
17 September, 2009 WO301 Voluntary Relinquishment to Agency
WO302 Voluntary Relinquishment to Adult Intending to Adopt Child
WO303 Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
WO304 Notice; Method and Time
WO305 Medical Testimony
23 June, 2009 W1018.1 Notice to Defend
26 May, 2009 WJ507 Raw Notes. Transcripts. Retention of Raw Notes and Transcripts.
16 April, 2009 W1920.55-2(d) Master's Report. Notice. Exceptions. Final Decree.
W1920.55-2a(f) All Counts Master's Report. Notice. Exceptions. Final Decree.
16 March, 2009 W1312 Award

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