Westmoreland County Civil Jury Verdicts | Greensburg PA Trial Results

Jury Trial Verdicts for Westmoreland County are published bimonthly in the Westmoreland Bar Association newsletter, the sidebar. You may download PDF files of the verdicts from 2000 through the present by clicking on the links below.

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In the summer of 2013, Judge Caruso’s intern, David Mathews, was asked to evaluate and categorize each of the jury trial verdicts that have been published in the sidebar since 2000. His results are summarized in the two Excel workbooks which are linked below.

Jury Trial Verdicts by Case, Cause of Action, 2000-2013
This spreadsheet is a listing of every jury trial from 2000–2013 with the case caption, the type of action, and the verdict. It includes total numbers of verdicts, amount of damages, and percentage of each type of verdict.

Jury Trial Verdicts by Cause of Action, 2000-2013
This workbook is separated by the different types of actions. Each page in the workbook has a different type of action with the case caption, verdict, total number of verdicts, the amount of damages, and the percentage of each type of verdict. You can switch pages, which are labeled, by clicking on the tabs at the bottom left of the workbook.

Jury Trial Verdicts by Year
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2001 2000

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